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Barbed Wire Stillbirth is a American/Bangladeshi Progressive Death Metal Band from Pleasant Lake, North Dakota, founded in 2004. The band was founded by Lead Singer/Bassist/Sitarist Jwonny The Rouge Proctologist when Regurgitator Joe located Jwonny Attacking a tree with a large stick.

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We are an insider source within the band and have access to many unreleased albums.

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Technical death metal (also known as tech-deathprogressive death metal, or prog-death) is a musical subgenre of death metal that focuses on complex rhythms, riffs and song structures.

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List Of Albums

1st Album: Food Under My Skin (2006) [1]

2nd Album: Kris Kringle's Karnage (2009) [2]

3rd Album: Aluminium Toothpicks (2011) [3]

4th Album: Upstairs In My Skin (2013) [4]

5th Album: Chronicles of The God Of Wrath And His Prodigy Jwonny (2014) [5]

6th Album: 2017 (2017) [6]

7th Album: Crucifixion Mason-Dixon (2019 Planned Release) [7]

8th Album: Stories From Kowloon (2020 Planned Release) [8]

9th Album: Visit To The Sahara (2023 Planned Release) [9]

10th Album: Waking Up In The Trunk (2025 Planned Release) [10]

11th Album: Deep Fried Salt (2027 Planned Release) [11]

12th Album: The Legend Of Boggy Creek (2030 Planned Release) [12]

13th Album: Dick Gumshoe and a Bunch of Hands (2032 Planned Release) [13]

14th Album: Butcher's Dozen (Deluxe Remaster) (Release Date Not Yet Revealed) [14]

Members Of The Band

2004 - Present: Regurgitator Joe (rhythm guitar, unclean vocals)

2005 - Present: 2013 Dodge Dart (lead guitar, backing vocals)  

2004 - Present: Mikael Øystein Håvard of Ragnarök (rhythm guitar)

2017 - Present: Mulac Mnicur (bass guitar, sitar)

2017 - Present: Jok Styx (Clean Vocals)

2032 - Present: Cold Ted (drums, turntables)

Former Members:

2004 - 2017: Jwonny the Rogue Proctologist (bass guitar, clean vocals, sitar) Rest in pieces.

2006 - 2017: John (turntables, vocals)

2005 - 2032: Vehicular Homicide of the Newborn (drums) Rest in peace.

Additional Credits

  • Murgalack Xoxus - inspired song "Lullaby Of The Swampfolk"
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