Album 8 Stories From Kowloon (2020)

Tracks: 17

Track 1: Chicken Dust

Track 2: Hunted In The Jungle

Track 3: 2286 Vietcong Drive.

Track 4: Locked In The Cage (No Remorse)

Track 5: Typhoid Fever-Seizure

Track 6: Contracted In The Bungaloo

Track 7: Shit Stew-Sue

Track 8: Live Combat (Stuck In A Tree)

Track 9: Gooks Are Combustible

Track 10: Separated From The Squadron (Two-Step Suprise)

Track 11: My Dog Spits Fire

Track 12: Did You Stick Your Hand In The Pot?

Track 13: Bye Bye, Coin Slot Eye.

Track 14: The Squadmate We Left Behind.

Track 15: 2 Foot 8 Amputee

Track 16: Tet Offensive

Track 17: Lost On The Retreat To Saigon.

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