Album 7 Crucifixion Mason-Dixon (2019)

Tracks: 10

Track 1: Stop (Or I'll Let Him Out,)

Track 2: Bring Out The Bull

Track 3: Blood Of The Infidel Spilt In Cheney's Name

Track 4: Crucifixion Mason-Dixon

Track 5: I'll Stick My Foot So Far Up Your Ass You'll Be Tasting My Boot

Track 6: Mail Bomb

Track 7: Mourning The Living

Track 8: Cripple Tax (Pay It Or Lose A Limb)

Track 9: শিমুয়ানা সস এ ঢেকে ঝাঁকুনি

Track 10: Vacuum Cleaner Mac-And-Cheese (Deluxe Vinyl 12")

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