Butcher's Dozen ALbum Cover

Butcher's Dozen (Released: 22467)

Tracks: 26 (volumes 1 and 2)

Volume 1:

Track 1: Pickaxe Tattoo Removal (My Eye Hurts.)

Track 2: Neighborly Visit (Cook at 350° for 35 Minutes)

Track 3: Baby Carriage Escalator

Track 4: Jwonny's Stomping Grounds

Track 5: Unintentional Watermelon

Track 6: Torch The Porch

Track 7: Bodyeater8998

Track 8: He's Here. (And He's Tired of Waiting?)

Track 9: Sent To The Grinder

Track 10: Stunt Gun

Track 11: I'll Stick My Foot So Far Up Your Ass You'll Be Tasting My Boot

Track 12: Contracted In The Bungaloo

Track 13: Did You Stick Your Hand In The Pot?

Volume 2:

Track 14: Prostitute Hunter

Track 15: Eaten In Cairo

Track 16: Dusty Snatch

Track 17: Canned Sand

Track 18: Get On The Damn Bed!

Track 19: Rats (In Your Router?)

Track 20: Fetch Me The Meat

Track 21: Faulty Woodchipper

Track 22: Turn Off Your Sister

Track 23: Kike Killer 1-800-PEST-CONTROL

Track 24: Trash Pisser

Track 25: Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted

Track 26: Ethiopian Christmas

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