Album 13:

Dick Gumshoe and a Bunch of Hands (2032) 22 Tracks

Volume 1:

Track 1: Turn Off Your Sister

Track 2: Big Ping

Track 3: Gator Baby

Track 4: Shoe Widener

Track 5: Bird Cannon

Track 6: Kike Killer 1-800-Pest-Control

Track 7: Black People Aren't Real

Track 8: Onscreen Keyboard

Track 9: A Can Of Whoopass

Track 10: Urga Burga

Track 11: Trashpisser

Track 12: Botched School Shooting

Track 13: Dumped On The Floor

Track 14: Shoplifters Will Be Prostitiuted

Volume 2:

Track 15: Dick Gumshoe

Track 16: A Bunch Of Hands

Track 17: Campsite Of Terror

Track 18: Drain The Swamp

Track 19: You Need To Take a Right Up Here

Track 20: I Andaled In The Neighborhood

Track 21: VcSoldier1975

Track 22: I Don't Know Man, Where's That Door At?

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