Album 12: The Legend Of Boggy Creek (2030)

Tracks: 17

Track 1: Clawing, Chewing, Tearing On His Limbs!

Track 2: My Swamp Woman

Track 3: Bellowed Through The Fog

Track 4: Mud-Demon On The Marshland's Horizon

Track 5: Swamp-Stomper

Track 6: The Trembles From Below

Track 7: Taken For A Boggy Ride

Track 8: Gruesome Landing

Track 9: Flying Bike Tree Collision

Track 10: The Scene Of A Fresh Battle

Track 11: Growling Upon Entry

Track 12: Faulty Woodchipper

Track 13: The Roundabout

Track 14: They Came From The Woodwork

Track 15: Rowdy Dog Meat Hog

Track 16: Chased Out Of His Home.

Track 17: Lullaby of the Swamp Folk

Track 18: The Long Retreat

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